Sawfish's author, John Harper, has decided to resign from maintainership of Sawfish and currently the project is completely within the hands of Sawfish community. A group of people from the Sawfish mailing list gathered together to work on a new wiki website, and to make a new sawfish release 1.3.1.

A volunteer Janek Kozicki took the lead in the sense that he will have access to the SVN repository (and can give it to others), has administering privileges of Sawfish mailing list, has access to Sawfish website on and With this power he will be able to help in managing the community's effort to make Sawfish releases, patching the code in the SVN repository and improving it (like adding an XComposite extension or tabs support to windows). But since he is not a Sawfish coder (no lisp skills, poor C skills, excellent C++ skills ─ not useful in developing Sawfish), he will rely heavily on input from other people, to get the work done.

For more information see History and People.

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