Sawfish 1.3.4 will be released in about one or two weeks and all submitted Patches will be considered for inclusion into this release. But there are patches with just one vote, or no votes at all! Your votes are really necessary to make a decision. If you are a sawfish user concerned about sawfish release 1.3.4 please do following:

  1. pick a particular patch and test it in your sawfish, by applying it to your sawfish installation and checking how it works.
  2. edit the patch page and put there either {{yes}}, {{no}} or {{wtf}}, with a small comment how well/bad it performs.

To keep things moving, on this release, I'll go into the risky direction, rather accepting patches than not. By this way untested patches will suddenly get a lot of testers which hopefully will bring bugfixes into the next release, or will get a patch removed in the next release. Otherwise some useful patches will keep waiting here forever. This of course means, that future release 1.3.5 will be a bugfix release :) Thanks for staying tuned!

Remeber that your input in this wiki and the mailing list is really important, it's all of you who drives sawfish releases. I'm just humbly making it happen ;)

Janek Kozicki 22:56, 22 July 2008 (UTC)

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