We are pleased to announce the experimental release of Sawfish 1.3.4. This version has new features added for testing purposes.

This new sawfish-experimental branch can always be re-created using Category:In_experimental from sawfish trunk. In this way we are solving the potential problem of the experimental branch wandering too far from the trunk. This "re-creation" method will be performed from time to time to ensure that it still works.

This release is intended to be packaged separately from sawfish release, for linux distributions, which will allow end users to have a choice between "sawfish" (stable) and "sawfish-experimental" packages.

Many hidden options were re-exposed in the configurator: viewport bindings and dimensions, window animation options, tooltips options, window movement outline modes, move/resize options and edge-flip delay. A new error handler was added which allows printing errors to both: a file and onto a screen dialog box. A new hook after raise/lower window has been added with intention of using it for tabbed-windowing. Added an option for smooth animation when changing viewports. An option allowing to warp the mouse pointer to windows while cycling them was added as well as option to move mouse cursor to active window which was just unmaximized, which prevents this window from losing focus.

See a list of patches being tested here for details.

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