a new release of the fast, lightweight, embeddable lisp-environment of your choice is now available for download.

Where to get it?

http://download.tuxfamily.org/librep/librep-0.91.1.tar.bz2 (688 K)

http://download.tuxfamily.org/librep/librep-0.91.1.tar.xz (588 K)

What's new?

   * `rep.ffi.util' module [Sergey Bolshakov]

     A new module containing utils for rep's ffi binding is added.

   * Fixed librep.pc to prevent a possible build issue in rep-gtk or
     sawfish (occured on fedora 14) [Christopher Bratusek]

   * New functions [Teika Kazura]

     `function-name' returns the name of the function object. (*note

     `remove-hook-by-name' removes functions from a hook by their name.
     (*note Normal Hooks::)

   * Documentation [Teika kazura]

     Function `in-hook-p' now has the documentation. (*note Normal

     New sections "Module Aliases" (*note Module Aliases::), "Module
     Limits" (*note Module Limits::).

   * Minor bugfix: `remove-hook' used to emit an error if the hook was
     unbound, but it's fixed. [Teika kazura]

   * fixed the spec-file [Kim B. Heino]

   * updated debian packaging-scripts (mostly) to the new format
     [Christopher Bratusek] 

Have Fun, Flashrider [Christopher Bratusek]

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