Sawfish 1.8.1 "Sharp As A Knife" is now available for download.


Tar/BZ2 (5,3M)


Tar/XZ (3,7M)


What's new

1.8.1 "Sharp As A Knife"

   * Updated or New dependencies
        - librep 0.91.0 -> 0.92.0

   * Bug Fixes
        - Fixed jump-or-exec failing when a window without WM_CLASS
          exists [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Fixed failing to uninstall Sawfish [Christopher Bratusek]

   * Miscellaneous Changes
        - EdgeActions changes [Christopher Bratusek]:
             + Load from `user.jl', rather than `wm.jl'

             + Add `edge-actions-enabled' variable in order to be able
               to completely disable EdgeActions (also via .sawfishrc)

             + Move all options into new `sawfish.wm.edge.conf' module
               (so they appear in the correct order now)

             + Updated documentation for EdgeActions

        - Fixed documentation for function `insert-workspace'
          [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Removed unused or unneeded 'default, 'viewort and 'advanced
          classes from command definitions [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Fixed two strings in mxflat theme [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Improved Requires in sawfish.pc [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Improved debian packaging-scripts [incomplete] [Ian
          Zimmermann, Christopher Bratusek]

        - Improved .desktop-files [Kim B. Heino]

        - Updated translations:
             + Spanish [gnome-es team]

             + German [gnome-de team]

             + Czech [gnome-cz team]

             + Malay [gnome-ms team]

             + Slovenian [gnome-sl team]

        - Updated OPTIONS file [Christopher Bratusek]

Have Fun, Flashrider [Christopher Bratusek] 16:25, May 3, 2011 (UTC)

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