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Synopsis Edit

Varies the color of your window frames according to context.

Description Edit

Active Theming. This module varies the color of window frames depending upon

  • the host from which the window comes,
  • whether root is logged on at the window,
  • whether the window is focussed,
  • the window's title,
  • the window's group,
  • the window's position,
  • the window's stickiness, or
  • the workspace on which the window is placed.

This can be used to convey useful information, or simply to make your desktop more colorful.

Colors may either be varied using the RGB or the HSV color models. Any variation method from the list above may vary along any of the axes, so you could change the hue depending upon the host, the saturation if root is logged in, and the value when the window is focussed, for example. Alternatively, you could have windows becoming more red depending upon the workspace and heading towards white when the window is focussed by varying both green and blue axes when the window is focussed.

This module needs support from your current theme. In the Sawfish distribution, the mono and simple themes have this support.

Installation Edit

  1. Install the String2 library.
  2. Install the Hsv module.
  3. Save active-theming.jl in your load-path.
  4. Add the following lines to your ~/.sawfishrc:
    (require 'active-theming)

Configuration Edit

This module may be configured using the Sawfish Configurator (sawfish-ui); its options will appear in the Appearance -> Active-Theming group. Make sure you are using a supporting theme too!

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