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Original-Author: David A Sinck (see cvs id string)

Author: Christopher Bratusek

Download from: alternate-resize.jl & alternate-anim.jl

Synopsis Edit

3 Additional Animation/Outline Modes: draft, cross and elliptical

ChangeLog Edit


Make the Window-Animators work with Sawfish 1.3.3


Last prior cvs commit before release into the wild; see Local LUG Mailing List Comment

Installation Edit

Copy both jls to ~/.sawfish/lisp

then add something like the following to your .sawfishrc:

( require 'alternate-resize )
( require 'alternate-anim )

;; Animation for iconfiying Windows - one of 
;; [system-styles] none, solid, wireframe
;; [alternative styles] elliptical, cross, draft
( define-special-variable default-window-animator 'cross )

;; Animation for moving/resizing icons - one of
;; [system-styles] none, opaque, box
;; [alternative styles] elliptical, cross, draft
( define-special-variable move-outline-mode 'cross )
( define-special-variable resize-outline-mode 'cross )

It's in Sawfish Edit

This script is adopted is Sawfish-1.5.0.

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