• Author: Kenneth Christiansen, Tuomas Kuosmanen
  • Download: AquaOS4.tar.gz

Description Edit

MacOS X mockup theme - based loosely on the screenshot in apple website.

Based on tigert's AquaOS theme, which is itself based on the Marathon config files.

Created by Kenneth Christi�nsen & Tuomas Kuosmanen Tuomas site is located at

David Panariti: (davep at who dot net) Added splatted buttons, drag zones and fixed a few bugs. Hacked the above's artwork and lisp code.


  • fixed a bug where bottom border was not used.
  • fixed a bug where shaped windows (shaded) still had sides.
  • moved the buttons in a tad and added dragzones to top left and right.
  • added image for splatted buttons.

I drew an ugly splat image and found a magic GIMP function to make it pretty: the warp filter on the splat and the original button image.

Screenshots Edit


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