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Synopsis Edit

Automatically hide pager window when not performing desktop-related operations.

Description Edit

This script makes the pager window automatically disappear after some specified time.

  • Pros: you can have a big desktop setup (like 4x10) and keep the pager window pretty big without it disturbing your work by allocating desktop space permanently
  • Cons: requires scripting skills to install

This works with sawfish-pager as-is - if you want to use other pagers, you might need to change the find-pager-window function for it to identify your pager window correctly.

Installation Edit

1. Save the file as auto-hide-pager.jl somewhere in your load-path (case matters).

2. Add this at the beginning of your main lisp file, typically ~/.sawfishrc:

(load "auto-hide-pager")

3. Finally you need to attach a call to (show-pager) to all operations that you want to make the pager show (for configured time interval). If you don't do this, the pager window will stay hidden.

So if you had this before:

 "C-M-Left" '(when (>= current-workspace my-workspace-rows)
               (send-to-previous-workspace (current-event-window) my-workspace-rows)
               (raise-window (current-event-window))))

then you change it to:

 "C-M-Left" '(progn
               (when (>= current-workspace my-workspace-rows)
                 (send-to-previous-workspace (current-event-window) my-workspace-rows)
                 (raise-window (current-event-window)))
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