• Author: Ioa Aqualine Petra'ka <ioapetra at qtm dot net>
  • Download: AzTecha.tar.gz


The subtle, the bizarre. A little egyptian here, a little aztech, a little Fremen. This theme is all original concept and art by me. I am dedicated to bringing original themes to Sawmill.

I realize this is a weird one. I tried to keep the interface as intuitive as possible, while straying from common design ethics. If you don't like the 'fiberglass' background it should look okay on other backgrounds as well. It just won't merge as well.

The background is included with the theme, it is called: bg_tile.png

20000404 -- Minor changes

  • Changed the top-right/top-left sections to be classified as 'title class' since they are so wide. This will enable you to move windows by dragging when they are too small to display a title bar. Thanks to: [daemonc at netscape dot net] for pointing this out.
  • Unrelated to this update, above individual has also created a GTK theme that compliments this theme quite well. Take the time to check it out at gtk.t.o

20000331 -- Minor fixes

  • Added transient/trasient-shaped classes so now everything works good.
  • Updated screenshot (Shrooms curtasy of
  • Small windows really have problems with this theme. Using transient class looks nice, and solves the problem, but involves a lot of work for the user. If anybody has any lisp code that can detect the size of a window and auto- apply the border-only setting that would be Really Groovy!

20000330 -- Initial Release

  • There is no transient border class yet. Working on that as you read this.
  • May increase the left and right borders by a few pixels to make the dropshadow a bit smoother, but this would make it look odd on anything by the fiberglass background so it havn't done it yet. If I do it will be an option.