• Author: Isaac Feitler <ike at mit dot edu> <ikeisaac at netscape dot net> <isaac at freeshell dot org>
  • License: GNU GPL 2 or later
  • Download: blueberry.tar.gz


Hi! Welcome to blueberry theme; it is named after my computer, which is named after my favorite food. I designed it with my own personal use in mind, but I hope the perhaps others will find it appealing and functional. *ALL* (YES ALL!) the colors are customizable (INCLUDING the menu button now!). Make sure to restart sawmill when you customize, so you can see the customizations take effect! (By the way, bevels (appearance advanced) should be set to near 0 to look right) As far as I know, this is the most customizable theme available on any contenders?

There is a clock of sorts that you can add to the title-bar by customization (blueberry clock); border-width is customizable; and when you customize the font, the title-bar resizes to match it (Most of these things will probably take a restart).

This theme contains lisp code brazenly stolen from the themes 'gradient' and 'clean-gtk' by John Harper, and many other themes as well. who must be something of a lisp-god for making both this window-manager and those cool themes that I could use code from.

A 'clock' in the title-bar is something I wish I knew how to do right. At first I couldn't get it work at all. Then Ryan Pavlik (rpav at graciously contributed some code to me, and now it works, but at a lot of CPU load since it rebuilds all the frames once a second! But: if you've got sawmill 0.25.2 or greater, the function input-focus is theme-callable, which allows the clock to update in only the focused window, which is really cool!

It would be cooler if there was a way to rebuild just one frame part, or something. There ought to be some elegant way to do it; I'm leaving the code in this theme so that hopefully someone else will be inspired to find an elegant solution to it. (Anyway, if you don't like it, it's customizable! You can just leave it off!)