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This page describes problems for users. For known development issues, see Category:Suspended patches.

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Support for many mouse buttons Edit

If your mouse has many buttons (more than 5 or 9, depending on your building configuration), then they are not supported by Sawfish, i.e. you can't bind commands to them in Sawfish, and workarounds are needed.

For example, see below. (Search with keywords "'mouse xbindkeys xvkdb'".)

In general, it is required to

  1. Configure your mouse with evdev, and assign X button numbers to physical buttons, and
  2. Make mouse buttons accepted as key press ("mapping"), with tools xbindkeys and xvkdb.

But you can't use dragging with them. Sorry. In Sawfish-3.0, we may be able to support more buttons.

Firefox urlbar & pulldown completion focus issuesEdit

For some people, Firefox urlbar, or more exactly, GtkCompletion widget, flickers. This can be fixed by the workarounds:

  • Move the mouse pointer. It happens when the cursor lies in the completion area.
  • Choose focus modes any other than enter-exit. You can modify the focus mode only for firefox.

Firefox bugzilla entry is here.

The below sentence has been here for a long time, and it says it's fixed, but no:

A GTK2 bug causes focus problems with Mozilla. See Gnome bug 158038 and 109246. Issues are resolved in GTK Release 2.6.10.

Old problems Edit

Problems described below are resolved in the current sawfish.

Can't choose themes from GUI! Edit

This was a rep-gtk bug. Upgrade to rep-gtk 0.18.3 and you're done!

Recent gnome-session doesn't autostart sawfish. Edit

Gnome-session >= 2.23 doesn't autostart sawfish. It can be fixed by this.

Window Grid and KDE's kickerEdit

The minipager applet of KDE as well as the KPager know nothing about _NET_WM_LAYOUT, a property of the X Root window that must be set by the Pager to hint the visual layout of the workspaces to the window manager. To get a correct window grid in Sawfish, one has to override the number of workspaces per row variable in rc

(require 'sawfish.wm.ext.workspace-grid)
(setq override-num-workspace-rows <numbers-of-workspaces-horizontally>)

Window History Edit

To add window-history back to sawfish 1.3, add (require 'sawfish.wm.ext.window-history) to your sawfish.rc file, and restart sawfish.

Viewports Edit

Viewports were removed from Sawfish sometime after 1.0.1, but they are back in Sawfish-1.3.5!

Installation using --prefix Edit

Installation with --prefix is problematic, but workaround is found in this thread.

The next sawfish & backends release will fix the problem, and it is already available in svn repository. The way to do is written here.

Bug Reports Edit

See Development#Bug reports.

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