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The sawfish mailing list is beginning from May 2011, The same list is used for both end-user support and development discussions.

To subscribe, send a mail with subject "subscribe" to

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Old mailing list was at:

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Archives for the old ML:

Each has pros and cons.


To discuss sawfish join us on #sawfish at It's a pretty quiet channel at the moment (Q4 2007) but don't let that stop you asking questions, just be patient when awaiting a reply...

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See the list of active contributors. You can become one by adding yourself to the list!

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We recommend the mailing list, but you can write your comments here.

I am having problems interacting with the mailing list. - January 11, 2012,

Hi. Please contact "Chris", the maintainer. You can tell his email address by looking at the ChangeLog. Good luck. -- Teika kazura 05:24, January 12, 2012 (UTC)

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