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It was Klarth, but it's not anymore. It took me perhaps 4 evenings to make. The name comes from the fact that I used Klarth's code (and threw out a lot of unnecessary parts), and also from the fact that I'd been having way too much fun with Calculus homework at the time.

It's not the most usable theme, nor the best looking theme, but it's -my- theme. (Reason enough for it to exist, eh?) I think it looks cool, and it's a change of pace. A bit of a combination between the Ice theme and the NeXT stuff.


  • No resize bar or maximize-button on non-resizable windows.
  • Recolors based on GTK theme color (if it looks bad, switch to #0766ab ;)
  • Titlebar and resize bar are both sized proportionally to your font size.
  • Color changes and font size changes should occur without a restart.
  • Maximize button's icon changes to an Un-maximize icon when you click it.
  • Should be fairly speedy. (If not, blame the titlebar buttons.)

Planned Features:

  • Resize the titlebar buttons to fit the titlebar. (Yes, it's only sane, logical, mandatory, and generally required for any usable theme - but... it's difficult.)

I want to know how to get rid of the resize handles when the window maximizes. If you know how to do this, please email me! (I think it may require sawfish changes.)

Feel free to email me with comments/questions/etc...or better, jabber: kenny at jabber.whitecape dot org.

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