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This page is the portal of sawfish developments.

Want to join?[]

It's hard to tell the current status in short.

If you find an interesting item in Proposed Goals, then declare it in the mailing list, and send us a patch. (Unless it's marked as assigned to someone, it's likely that none is working on that item. We're short of developers. Items in Long term todos are left untouched.)


If possible[]

(Dec 2008) No one seems to be working on the items listed under this category.

Composite Extension, OpenGL and friends[]

Ostensibly the future of sawfish is have access to the new protocols. One key to implementing is understanding what they do and how they are supposed to be interacted with. To start these pages can be nothing more than links to the specs and basic tutorials.

Current Docs:

Known difficulty[]

Some know difficulty in development can be found at Patches (suspended).

Bug reports[]

Since the 2011-06-19 Sawfish left GNOME and moved to Tuxfamily. Now all new bug reports can be found on the Flyspray bug tracker. Consequently the following procedure is obsolete.

To report a bug at, choose:

  • classification: Other
  • application: sawfish / librep / rep-gtk

If you're not sure of which the bug is, choose sawfish.

For search from browser (like Firefox smart keyword), use the following url:

If you want to receive notices of new bug reports, then

  1. Make bugzilla account.
  2. Log in, and go to 'Email preferences'
  3. Go to 'User Watching' section, in 'Add users to my watch list', add 'librep-maint@gnome.bugs, rep-gtk-maint@gnome.bugs, sawfish-maint@gnome.bugs'.

Librep & rep-gtk[]

Librep internals[]

How to write a librep C modules is not documented. The documentation would have the API, the conventions and an skeleton example with a tutorial of sorts. The example would have all the other helper code like Makefiles and directory structure laid out. The reason for this documentation is so that new X protocols (and OpenGL) modules can be created.

Current Docs:

Window manager specs[]

Small window managers can be taken as tutorials for how to implement window managers. Examples are:

Move to other hosts?[]

Update Jun 2011: We're almost done moving to Tuxfamily.

Migration to other development hosts were discussed several times. The latest one is here.

See also[]