• Author: Jason Peters <jasonpeters at email dot com>
  • Download: DragDome.tar.gz

Description[edit | edit source]

DragDome is a customisable tab-styled window theme based on tigert's excellent TigDome. It includes support for customisable colours, button placement and draggable titlebars (which also requires the title-offset.jl module).

title-offset.jl is available at <http://www.eng.uwaterloo.ca/students/jdpeters/>. This version of DragDome requires at least version 0.2.

TigDome was SmallDome with yet another titlebar by tigert. Smalldome was Moondome with a smaller titlebar by Ville P�tsi. Moondome was a hack of the BeOS theme created by Ken Lynch.

Screenshots[edit source]


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