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Author[edit | edit source]

Christopher Bratusek

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Due to a wrong command the make-pot script is unable to update the pot file.

The updated version of this patch depends on this patch: Add

Following patch fixes the issue.

ChangeLog[edit | edit source]

v0: Initial release

v1: Add two options:

- ./make-pot update (update the pot file using intltool)
- ./make-pot generate (re-generate the pot file using intltool and sawfish-xgettext)

Patch[edit | edit source]

Index: make-pot
--- sawfish/po/make-pot	(Revision 4225)
+++ sawfish/po/make-pot	(Arbeitskopie)
@@ -20,29 +20,37 @@
 # along with sawfish; see the file COPYING.  If not, write to
 # the Free Software Foundation, 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
- ../themer/\
- ../themes/*/theme.jl"
+case $1 in
+	*update)
+		intltool-update --pot
+		mv -f untitled.pot sawfish.pot
+	;;
-REP_SRCS="$REP_SRCS `find ../lisp -name '*.jl' -print`"
+	*generate)
+		REP_SRCS="../scripts/*.jl\
+		 ../themer/\
+		 ../themes/*/theme.jl"
+		REP_SRCS="$REP_SRCS `find ../lisp -name '*.jl' -print`"
-rm -f sawfish.pot
+		GLADE_SRCS="../themer/"
-if [ ! -r ../DOC ]; then
-  echo "error: Need a DOC file!"
-  exit 1
+		rm -f sawfish.pot
+		if [ ! -r ../DOC ]; then
+  			echo "error: Need a DOC file!"
+  			exit 1
+		fi
-./sawfish-xgettext --doc-file=../DOC --c $REP_SRCS >$lisp_c
-libglade-xgettext --c $GLADE_SRCS >$glade_c
+		lisp_c=.$$.lisp.c
+		glade_c=.$$.glade.c
-xgettext --add-comments -a --no-location $lisp_c $glade_c
-mv -f messages.po sawfish.pot
+		./sawfish-xgettext --doc-file=../DOC --c $REP_SRCS >$lisp_c
+		intltool-extract --type=gettext/glade $GLADE_SRCS >$glade_c
-rm -f $lisp_c $glade_c
+		xgettext --add-comments -a --no-location $lisp_c $glade_c
+		mv -f messages.po sawfish.pot
+		rm -f $lisp_c $glade_c
+	;;

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Yes.png vote: yes. Author's comment: Yep. In order to be able to update the pot file, this patch should be commited. Flashrider [Christopher Bratusek] 08:10, 25 May 2008 (UTC)

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