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Harald van Dijk


When a window grabs focus, sawfish doesn't treat it as a "focus out" of the old window, but does treat it as a "focus in" of the new one. This causes problems with Global Menu Bar for GNOME: when opening a menu, the menu grabs keyboard input. In sawfish, as a result, the GNOME top panel (or wherever you have placed the menu) becomes focused, and the menu bar is updated to reflect that no application window has focus. In short, the menu bar is completely unusable. The patch made focus_in ignore the same events that focus_out already ignores, but was updated after comments on the mailing list to only affect the _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW property so that all other focus-related functions (including updating the window frame) get called, and to update mode_to_sym to handle NotifyWhileGrabbed events.

Note that even with this patch, it is necessary to force the GNOME panel to "never focus". The panel is focusable in sawfish and fluxbox, which causes the same problem even without opening menus, but that is not a bug in the window manager, and easily worked around using for example Window Rules from the Sawfish Configurator.

Patch testing[]

  1. Copy/paste the patch listed below into some file, eg. TEST.diff.
  2. If you don't have sawfish sources yet, have one, as described get it from GIT repo.
  3. Go into the directory where sawfish sources reside, eg. cd sawfish
  4. Test if the patch applies cleanly with this command:
    patch -p1 --ignore-whitespace --dry-run < TEST.diff
    in case of problems try also: -p0 or -p2
  5. If it applies cleanly, then remove the --dry-run from above command and run it again, otherwise ask on the mailing list.
  6. Compile sawfish: ./ && make
  7. Install it for testing, but it depends on your linux distribution.
    1. It is always better to install sawfish as your distribution package, but it is different for each distribution.
    2. So you may try make install, which will install sawifish in /usr/local/share/sawfish/ (if you have write access). But then make sure that you run the correct version and delete it from that directory afterwards, to avoid any conflicts.
  8. Se also

PS: edit this template if you feel that those instructions can be improved.


diff --git a/lisp/sawfish/wm/state/wm-spec.jl b/lisp/sawfish/wm/state/wm-spec.jl
index 674cd9e..7402969 100644
--- a/lisp/sawfish/wm/state/wm-spec.jl
+++ b/lisp/sawfish/wm/state/wm-spec.jl
@@ -264,9 +264,9 @@
   (define last-focus nil)
-  (define (update-focus-state)
+  (define (update-focus-state w mode)
     (let ((focus (input-focus)))
-      (unless (eq last-focus focus)
+      (unless (or (eq mode 'grab) (eq mode 'ungrab) (eq last-focus focus))
 	(setq last-focus focus)
 	(set-x-property 'root '_NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW
 			(vector (if focus (window-id focus) 0)) 'WINDOW 32))))
diff --git a/src/events.c b/src/events.c
index 9b6a1db..a84f8d7 100644
--- a/src/events.c
+++ b/src/events.c
@@ -124,6 +124,7 @@ DEFSYM(dimensions, "dimensions");
 DEFSYM(normal, "normal");
 DEFSYM(grab, "grab");
 DEFSYM(ungrab, "ungrab");
+DEFSYM(whilegrabbed, "whilegrabbed");
 repv Fsynthetic_configure_mutex (repv);
@@ -917,7 +918,9 @@ mode_to_sym (int mode)
     return (mode == NotifyNormal ? Qnormal
 	    : mode == NotifyGrab ? Qgrab
-	    : Qungrab);
+	    : mode == NotifyUngrab ? Qungrab
+	    : mode == NotifyWhileGrabbed ? Qwhilegrabbed
+	    : Qnil);
 static void

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