Sawfish was once called Sawmill. Unfortunately, "Sawmill" was trademarked by another company and the original project name has to be changed. Sawfish was chosen for three reasons,

  • There are no other computer-related uses of the name (as checked in April 2000).
  • It's similar enough to the old name to hopefully carry some recognition across.
  • It has no tenuous relationship to window-managing.


About the wiki, the first version was located on and maintained by Kevin Kane. After numerous vandals attacks, the wiki was disbanded. Clemens Fruhwirth stepped in, created, imported the old contents, kindly supplied by Kevin,, and started organizing the 3rd party extensions.

A very early discussion on this Wiki itself is found here.

This lasted until today when, with a community effort, was decided to move it to as Clemens asked for a new wiki maintainer.

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