General, simplest way:

  1. Fetch source from git repository. (See here.)
  2. edit the files that you want to modify
  3. git diff > my_patch.diff

Debian way[]

Includes compilation and installing:

First make sure that /etc/apt/sources.list contains correct deb-src, eg.:deb-src lenny main non-free contrib It can be "lenny", "sid" or "testing" - just make sure that latest debian sawfish package is there (currently it's 1.3.3).

/bin/bash explanations
1* apt-get source sawfish downlaod debian sawfish package (doesn't matter that it is 1.3.3)
2* sudo apt-get build-dep sawfish

sudo aptitude install automake quilt fakeroot

make sure that it will compile
3* rm -rf sawfish-1.3.3 get rid of old 1.3.3 version
4* git clone git:// download a new one in its place
5* gunzip sawfish_1.3.3-1.diff.gz ; patch -p0 < sawfish_1.3.3-1.diff debianize it
6 cd sawfish-1.3.3 go to sawfish directory
7* chmod 755 debian/rules need access rights
8 edit some files. ...
9 git diff > my_patch.diff generate a patch
10 fakeroot debian/rules binary compile sawfish
11 sudo dpkg -i ../*deb install it
12 middle-click on desktop, select 'restart' from menu. ...

Steps marked with '*' are done only once. Steps without '*' are performed in an infinite loop.

Another distro way[]

Please fill in, if you are on another distro.

See also[]