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  • Author: Topi Paavola <>
  • Additional authors (modifications and enhancements):
    • Jens-Ulrik Petersen <>
    • Karl M. Hegbloom <>
  • Version: 1.4
  • License: GNU GPL 2 or later
  • Download: iswitch-window.jl

Synopsis Edit

Iswitch is a window switcher with an incremental search.

Description Edit

Incremental window search, similar to iswitchb.el in emacs.

Installation Edit

  1. Save iswitch-window.jl in your load-path.
  2. Add this code to your ~/.sawfishrc:
    (require 'iswitch-window)
    (bind-keys global-keymap "A-s" 'iswitch-window)

    You can replace "A-s" in the last line with the key combination you would like to use to fire up the iswitch dialog.

Configuration Edit

Default key bindings when in the iswitch dialog are as followed:

C-s, A-s, TAB Find next matching window
C-r, A-r, M-TAB Find previous matching window
C-g, ESC Quit iswitch
C-u Clear input buffer
BACKSPACE Delete previous character
C-z, A-z Iconify window
C-h, A-h Shade window
RET Select window

Those keys are hard-coded into the script. In order to change them you have to edit the iswitch-get-window function accordingly.

Instead of (or in addition to) the iswitch-window function you can also bind iswitch-window-with. It does the same thing but also does something to the current window. As an example, the following code would iconify the currently focused window and focus the newly selected window:

(bind-keys global-keymap "A-s" '(iswitch-window-with
                                (lambda (w) (iconify-window w))))
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