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A mix between Window Maker's frames, the "Eazel" sawfish theme, and Crux.


  • Recolors almost the entire frame to match your GTK theme's colors; recolors text to automatically contrast. Works with light and dark themes. (Crux only recolors the highlight and doesn't recolor the text, making it ugly with very dark themes and unusable with white hilights.)
  • Resizes the titlebar's height so the text fits in it. (Most other themes which leave too much blank space with small fonts and cut off text with large fonts.)
  • No resize handles or maximize button on non-resizable windows.
  • Configurable button position themes. (like Crux)
  • Changes button states based on window states. (The maximize icon changes to an unmaximized icon; shading could easily do so pending a sawfish bug fix.)
  • Most of the frame is painted with dynamic gradients, not static pixmaps.

Known Issues:

  • Large pink/magenta areas on titlebar: To render the dots/holes on the titlebar, Klarth requires GDK-Pixbuf Sawfish; I believe the tile-image function does not work for imlib sawfish. To the best of my knowledge, this is not a Klarth bug. Of course, if I'm wrong about that, don't hesitate to let me know how to fix it. You can compile sawfish with gdk-pixbuf by passing --with-gdk-pixbuf to ./configure. Most people compile with imlib, sadly, so you're on your own. An alternative is to simply turn off the dots (which are off by default as of Klarth 1.2) - you can do so by commenting out (inserting ;; in front of) ,@hole-parts at or near line 630.
  • windows may have buttons for impossible operations
  • the shade button's icon doesn't change when the icon is shaded These are all bugs, but I'm not sure how to fix them. Klarth doesn't know whether it is possible to shade/close/maximize/minimize a window. It works around the maximizable one by checking if it's resizable, the rest it cannot do much about (unless I've missed something). It also cannot tell if a window is shaded or not, hence the icon doesn't change. Some of these functions do exist in sawfish, but are not available to themes. So you can theoretically get around this by breaking gaol.jl and hacking Klarth some, but I won't do that for a release, obviously.
  • most window colors do not update when GTK colors change; or
  • titlebar does not resize when font is changed This is the immortal bug. It just never goes away. Eventually I gave up trying to fix it, for now you can just restart sawfish via
     sawfish-client -f quit ; sleep 1s ; sawfish &


     sawfish-client -f restart

    or switch to another theme and back again. (using -f restart is known to crash the gdk-pixbuf version sometimes; the first is safer.)

    I may or may not fix it in a later release.

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