• Author: Jason Henriksen <jason at h3c dot com>
  • License: GNU GPL 2 or later
  • Download: LiquidMetal.tar.gz

Description Edit

This theme allows you tremendous flexibility.

  • Choose one of 42 patterns for the focused title bar!
  • Choose one of 42 patterns for unfocused title bars!
  • Recolor those patterns to any RGB color you like!
  • Choose any font color for focused or unfocused windows!
  • Supports Shade button to easily collapse windows!
  • Supports Sticky button to easily move windows between desktops!
  • Commented and indented code to help you learn how it all works!

This theme is a blend of Simple, Crux and BrushedMetalII. Without those themes, this theme would not exist.

If you are new to themes: Select this theme and press OK. Re-Click on 'Appearance' and you'll see a LiquidMetal Theme tab above the theme chooser. Click it, to configure the theme. Click 'Try' to test your changes.

Screenshots Edit


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