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This page lists todos which is of lower priority. Maybe wish items in bugzilla(s) should be collected here.

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(This item needs cleanup.)

  • In general, the document needs improvements. See this post for detailed account. (The gap between 1.3.0 and 1.5.0 pointed out there is already filled.)
    • needs update.
    • both in volume and in order.
    • both for users and developers.
    • the online and the distributed. (may be better to be united to one?)
    • In which module the functions / variables lie.
  • How sawfish is initialized.
    • How sawfish uses librep.
  • How to test patches gracefully.
  • Terminology; clarification, replacement to better ones, description.
  • At least, complete GUI doc.
  • Sawfish event system: To aid in development and understanding, there needs to be documentation the X event model and how Sawfish interacts and deals with it.
  • Crawl thru the web, find articles on sawfish, and compile them.
  • Better to have heavy comments in the source.

Print command doc in window operation menu

In the window operation menu, print the command description in tooltip.


  • Maybe keep only core lisp part in info, and others written in HTML.


Much is desired. First investigation & questionnaire is necessary.

Change themes-engine so that tabs are supported by default.


Merge good scripts into the trunk

Merge good scripts into the trunk.

In adoption, notice following points:

  • Name (of feature, function, variable ...) is good?
  • It should work & merge smoothly with already existing design and codes.
  • User contributed codes are often slack. Make loose ends meet.

Review user contributed scripts

The title says all.


Search box

A search box which allows to quickly find an option that has string in its description or name.


All commands are listed, which is clumsy to search. Ideas are:

  • Organization by categories, maybe using a treeview.
  • Commands name search by key types.

If it's possible to optionally hide keymaps which are not supported by the current theme, it's good.

Edit history

A list of recently modified variables in the UI. This would make it simpler to find, like this: "I just changed one option, but I don't remember where it was?".

Window Rules

"Grab all". It sets all properties of grabbed window, and what user do is to uncheck what they don't want.

Grabbing window size and position.

Configurator and process

  • If you restart Sawfish with the configurator open, the configurator instance becomes useless.

Tiling feature

Implement tiling feature. Steal from StumpWM, common lisp fork of ratpoison?

Gtk dialogbox

It's possible to have a dialogbox made of Gtk. This will add many new features to Sawfish. See here for more.


  • Sawfish returns only one icon for each application, but often several are available. Support them.
  • Allow override of icons displayed in window cycling. Read this patch and this reply.


Failure in loading application menu

This is fixed in Sawfish-1.6.3:

Sawfish used to fail with a file error if any link in /usr/share/applications is not valid.

Add --replace option

(This will be added in 1.8.0)

Add --replace option to sawfish, for replacing the current window-manager.


Focus revert in enter-exit mode

When the focused window disappears, Sawfish emits 'focus-revert'. Refinements of the behavior to handle it by 'enter-exit' focus mode is desired. See this thread.


Grouping Workspace

Group workspace. Some people like tree-like structure.

Partial workspace layer

(This is not exactly a workspace feature, but let's put it here.)

Some users want something like 'partial workspace layer'. It can be smaller then the workspace. Windows can be confined inside of it.

Layers can make groups of the same size, for example of a head size. User can interchange a layer with another in the same group, so it looks like as if workspace were changed only in that area.

Sticky-head script tries to switch workspace per head.

Workspace is the notion defined in ewmh as 'virtual desktop'. So layer is a new, different thing, not the extension to workspace.

3D style like Compiz

Stack workspaces in "3D", with OpenGL/compiz. Zooming out to see whole workspace on a single screen, with all the viewports being much smaller, and windows being smaller, everything squeezed on a single screen.

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