• Author: Jason F dot McBrayer <jmcbray at carcosa dot net>
  • Download: MacOS.tar.gz

Description Edit

Traditional MacOS theme, based on System 7 screenshots.

Initial draft made with sawfish-themer, and hacked up by hand to correctly handle varying text widths in the title bar. Some of the code for that was borrowed from microGUI and Chromium.

Note especially the fact that you can't resize a window by grabbing the borders!

MacOS has a lot of different types of windows that all get lumped in as 'transient' under X (modal dialogs, modeless dialogs, palettes, etc). This theme has a pretty conservative approach to transients (in "transient" and "shaded-transient"), but look at its handling for "shaped-transient" windows for an alternate approach. This theme is not totally accurate, because I don't have access to a Mac for thorough testing. I'd love to hear about any improvements.

If anyone has a traditional MacOS gtk theme (pref. engine), I'd love to hear about that, too. All the ones I can find are MacOS8 pixmap themes.

Screenshots Edit


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