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Synopsis Edit

Move the mouse to any place of the screen with a few keystrokes by zooming (as much precision as you want).

Description Edit

When the command is invoked the mouse is warped to the center of the screen and a outline is drawn dividing the screen in 4 squares. You can then press an arrow key (or HJKL key) and the mouse will be warped to the center of a subset of the squares, half the size of the previous area. each new keystroke will half the area, increasing precision exponentially. When you press the spacebar or enter a mouse click is performed. If you press ESC no click will be made, but the mouse will be moved to that position.

The idea was inspired by a similar proyect shown in the Yahoo Hack Day '06:

The keys QWAS can also be used for warping the mouse to one of the four quarters of the square, which would result in even less keypresses.

Installation Edit

Copy this script somewhere in your load-path (~/.sawfish/lisp by default) and add the following line in your ~/.sawfish/rc file.

(require 'Mousetrap)

Configuration Edit

You can bind a key to mousetrap-left-click using sawfish-ui

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