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Synopsis Edit

Quick hack of Suraj's focus-transparency to remove dependency on transset-df.

Description Edit

A modified version of focus-transparency.jl that uses the sawfish set-x-property instead of calling the external program transset-df. This is much more responsive.

Installation Edit

Just toss it in your home directory and add (require 'native-focus-transparency) to your .sawfishrc.

Configuration Edit

The following special variables can be used to tune the amont of transparency:

 default value: 0x80000000
  the amount of transparency for out-of-focus windows.  0 is invisible and 0xffffffff is nearly opaque
 default value: nil
  The amount of transparency for the focused window.  nil disables transparency for the in-focus window.  Otherwise is the same as *out-of-focus-trans*

If you want to play around with transparencies, calling update-opacity will update the value of *out-of-focus-trans* and force all the windows to take on this transparency.

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