• Author: <dpbarr at callnetuk dot com>
  • Download: pager.tar.gz

Description[edit | edit source]

This is the second incarnation (part 3), it came to my attention that it shaded only to the right corner, i forgot about the other side, i've included a second theme.jl one for each side, because it was easier that way.

reasons why this sucks,

  • all changes require a re-start, my knowledge of lisp is laughable.
  • there is a certain irony in making it look like the gnome panel.
  • the button is called "right..." but it is on the left.
  • most names do not have any relationship to what they actually represent.
  • the menu button is now a title so if you double click it the window'll

shade to the corner 'cause it wasn't working out as it was therefore...

  • now has a shade style, ala enlightenment.
  • most of the customize things have been disabled for the time being,

they were rather pointless.

I include a few buttons in the buttons directory, which may or may not be to your liking.

it's probably best to set the matched windows settings to

  • frame style "pager"
  • frame type "normal"

this avoids any "border only" unpleasantness

Screenshots[edit source]


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