Sawfish was originally written by John Harper, starting around 1999, then 8 years later he refrained from maintaining it and decided to let the Sawfish community proceed with further development.

Here follows a list of people contributing their work to Sawfish.

Since it is difficult to order by measuring the amount of contribution, we will use the surname alphabetical order.
Name Interests Skills
Christopher Bratusek Wiki, Testing Patches, librep and rep-gtk, Maintainership Some C and a bit Lisp, GIT, autotools & consorten
Rodrigo Gallardo Packaging, help with release management, patch reviewing and testing GIT, C, build system (make and friends)
Timo Korvola Lisp parts of sawfish, patche testing, general stuff Lisp, C
Janek Kozicki Patches management, help with release management GIT, mediawki, a little of C and no Lisp skills
Teika Kazura Wiki, documentation Lisp, C (both only a bit)
Guillermo S. Romero General stuff, userdoc Lisp, GIT
Interests ─ tells what this person wants to work on
Skills ─ tells what things this person can help others

Retired people[]

Name Interests Skills
Robert Personen Documentation, Modules (and modularizing sawfish) OK C (rusty lisp)
Sven Schoenung Wiki, Lisp parts of Sawfish Lisp (little to no C)
Andrea Vettorello Wiki, Lisp parts of Sawfish Basic knowledge of C and Lisp (Common Lisp)