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Description Edit

It's just default prompt.jl with some new features.

Now you can configure default font, foreground and background colors for prompt window from the Sawfish Configurator.

You can also specify this attributes for concrete prompt window through the `atrributes` parameter of `prompt`.

Possible attributes currently include:

1. font - the font to use

2. foreground - the color (or color name) to draw the text with

3. background - the color (or color name) to draw the background with


(prompt text start
  `( (font . ,default-font)
     (foreground . ,(get-color "#ff0000")
     (background . ,(get-color "#303030")))))

Installation Edit

1. Save the file as prompt.jl somewhere in your load-path (case matters).

2. Add this at the beginning of your main lisp file, typically ~/.sawfishrc:
(require 'prompt)

Configuration Edit

You can use the Sawfish Configurator to set up default font and color for prompt window. The settings can be changed in the "Miscellaneous" -> "Messages" tab.

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