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Synopsis Edit

Makes windows push each other out of the way.

Description Edit

OK, this is just plain silly.

This teaches windows to hate each other. They'll push each other out of the way. Over time, this will result in a layout of minimum overlap. Or, well, that's the theory; the reality is that the resulting layout may not be so great, but it's sure fun watching it get there.

Installation Edit

Install this file, and add the following lines to your .sawmillrc:

 (setq load-path (cons "/directory/containing/this/file/" load-path))
 (require 'repel)

And then bind the repel-toggle command to a handy key.

Note that this requires that you have also installed version 1.3 or greater of the Undo package. There's no good reason for that, but I don't know how to write the lisp code for "call-this-function-if-it-only-exists" and make it work right with the compiler and stuff.

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