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Synopsis Edit

Show time, mail arrival, etc. on the title bar.

Installation Edit

  1. Put the file on your load-path. In order to confirm your load-path, type 'sawfish-client -' on a console and then type 'load-path'.
  2. Write this in your ~/.sawfishrc
    (load "rich-title")
  3. Restart sawfish.

Note: If an error occures, write

  (require '

before (2).

Configuration Edit

Simply change these variables for basic customize. e.g. put the below in ~/.sawfishrc.

  (setq rttl-title-interval 10)

update interval (seconds): (defvar rttl-title-interval 60)

By default, the title is updated when the focus is changed. If you have troubles on this behavior, put the below in ~/.sawfishrc before loading this file.

(setq rttl-title-interval 1)    ;; update every second
(setq rttl-update-on-focus nil) ;; not update on focus change
(defvar rttl-update-on-focus t)
;; shell
(defvar rttl-shell-default-wait-sec 0)  ;; not work??
(defvar rttl-shell-default-wait-millisec 1000)  ;; not work??
(defvar rttl-shell-sh (list "/bin/sh" "-c"))

Write 'rttl-set-format' in your ~/.sawfishrc, like the below. You can put any strings and 'items' in it.

(load "rich-title")
(setq rttl-title-interval 1) ;; update every second
 ;; window name
 "   "
 ;; date & time. As for format string, see 'man strftime'.
 (rttl-time-item "%m/%d(%a)[%I:%M:%S]")
 " "
 ;; check /var/spool/mail/xxxx and show "mail!" or "mail-" accordingly
 (rttl-biff-item "/var/spool/mail/xxxx" "mail!" "mail-")
 " "
 ;; twirling baton :-)
 (rttl-animation-item '("|" "/" "-" "\\"))
 " {"
 ;; invoke a shell command at every 1200 seconds
 (rttl-timer (rttl-shell-item "df -h | tail +2 | tr -s ' ' | cut -d' ' -f4 | tr '\n' ' '")
 "} >"
 ;; run a shell command on background and watch its output.
 ;; keep the previous output if no new output is obtained.
 (rttl-hold (rttl-background-shell-item "tail -f /var/log/messages"))
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