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Original-Author = Yann Hodique
Original-Author = Scott Scriven
Author = Christopher Bratusek
Version = 1.0.1
License = GPL v3 (or newer)
Homepage = [No Entry yet]
Download =

Synopsis Edit

Fluxbox Like Tabs for Sawfish.

Requirements Edit

You need a Tab-enabled Theme. Toyberg and Perso are the only two I know.

ChangeLog Edit


- make the raise-on-hover option work


- Removed unused Code
- Unhide an option: Raise Tab on Hover
- Expose this option in Sawfish-UI

Description Edit

Fluxbox Like Tabbed-Windowing.
Middle Click on one Titlebar and Middle Click on another to (Un)Group the two windows.

Installation Edit

Unpack the Tarball and copy the 4 jl files into ~/.sawfish/lisp.

Add the following to your ~/.sawfishrc:

( require 'tab )
( require 'tabgroup )
( require 'tab-keymap )
( require 'marks )

Configuration Edit

Use Sawfish-UI for Configuration [Keybindings and Tabs -Tabs]

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