Also you can experiment in the sandbox

Some Guidelines

  • Write "Sawfish" if you mean the Window Manager as a whole and "sawfish" when you talk about the program. Better yet, write "sawfish", by enclosing it in HTML tags:

Writing news

The news pages have a name starting with date (year month day) by convention. Currently there is no strict reason to do so; previously it was sorted by the alphabetical order of the page name, but it is now done by the first edit date.

Each news entry should contain following line, so everything will just work:

Dynamic page list

To list scripts, themes and patches we are using DynamicPageList extension. Read about it here:

Quick access menus and category trees

The best way to organize our wiki is to use categories and a quick access menu with a category tree inside. The toplevel category is Sawfish, all categories and articles that should appear on the first level of the tree, should have a tag [[Category:Sawfish]] inside. Analogously with nested tree levels. A good working example is now on Development page. This system has three components:

  1. Quick access menu, like this one: Template:Development:

    If you need to create another quick access menu, you simply copy this one, and change the string inside from Development to your desired category. Be careful, this string is repeated there three times. Now in every page you can write
    to include a quick acces menu. This menu will have automagically created content from categories. Every such toplevel category (like Category:Scripts or Category:Development) must belong to [[Category:Sawfish]]. You can go visit a category page and edit it ─ and you will see what I mean.

  2. Categorized articles: inside each article (eg. on the top) you will need to write to which category the article belongs, like this:
    And it will automatically appear in the quick access menu

  3. Subcategories: to have a subcategory you write inside your article information that it belongs to a subcategory, like:
    [[Category:Lisp code]]
    Then on the category page Category:Lisp code you say that it is a subcategory of Category:Development by editing it, and putting inside

This is all you need to know, to be able to organize articles using category tree. To summarize, in every article you edit, you will need to put at the top:

  • name of category
  • quick access menu
Like following example:
[[Category:Lisp code]]{{Development}}

Deleting pages in quick access menus (Sysops only)

There seems to be a bug in the quick access menu. When you delete a page which appears in a quick access menu, it will still appear there. What you have to do is first remove the page from the corresponding category and then delete it.

In above case if it goes wrong, a cron job at clears the fuss daily at 5 am in the night. Janek Kozicki 17:51, 5 July 2007 (UTC)

Configuring wiki site

  • The Monobook.css file
  • The Smoke.css file
  • The Quartz.css file



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