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Author: Mark Triggs

Uploaded by: Christopher Bratusek

License: GPL

Download from: [1]

Synopsis Edit

Tile Windows in an intelligent (hah!) way

Installation Edit

Copy the .jl file to ~/.sawfish/lisp

and add something like the following to your .sawfishrc

( require 'smart-tile )
( bind-keys global-keymap "W-F5" 'tile-windows )

Problems Edit

It doesn't work with viewports and takes all windows from current workspace. Thus is useless in a configuration with 10x4 viewports in a single workspace, because all windows from all viewports are squeezed together. Trying to fix this I did following:

(defun window-on-current-workspace-p (w)
    (and (= (window-workspace w) current-workspace)
    (not (window-outside-viewport-p w))))

Testing now. The uploaded script is not modified yet.

And also it doesn't work with xinerama. Janek Kozicki 14:41, 7 August 2008 (UTC)

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