Tab feauture groups and binds windows, making them look as if one is there.

Tab is included in sawfish-1.5.0, but is still under development (sorry).

Usage Edit

Setup Edit

  1. Put (require ' in your ~/.sawfish/rc
  2. Choose a tab-capable theme, 'Elberg-tabbed' or 'get-S-tabbed'. (For get-S-tabbed, restart the sawfish after choosing the theme.)
  3. Assign some key to the command 'tab-add-to-group' in the keymap 'window'.

Combine & release Edit

To combine a window with others, press the key on the window, and press the key again on another window.

If you want to release a window from existing tab, then press the key twice on that window. It works because it puts the window into a new tab-group which consists of itself.

Choosing other tabs Edit

Two commands, 'tab-raise-left/right-window' are available.

Also recommendable is 'cycle-group' command, which cycles only within the current group of tabbed windows.

Auto raise Edit

Auto-raise of tabbed window is available. That is, when the mouse pointer hits the title frame of the tabbed window, then the window is raised.

To enable it, open the sawfish configurator, choose 'tabs', and enable "Raise tabs on hover".

Sorry, it now raises all windows, not limited to tabbed window.

Tab supporting themes Edit

They are not included in the shipped Sawfish:

Development discussions Edit

See a thread in Aug 2008, and threads from Dec 2008 or later in the archive. (Go to the title list, and search for the title including 'tab'.)

Reporting Edit

Use the mailing list to report. (We know it is far from being satisfactory.) Read also the archive.

Bugs Edit

  • In raise-lower and sticky-viewport (probably true for sticky, too), the change doesn't propagate to other windows in the same tab-group. - Teika kazura 08:16, 19 May 2009 (UTC)
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