1. Type in the name of your script in the text field above. If you're script is named foo-Bar.jl that would be foo-Bar. Hit "Create Page"
  2. Put your script page into one of the subcategories of the Scripts Category by writing, for example, [[Category:Miscellaneous scripts]] somewhere. If none of the existing categories fit you can create a new one. Note that the name of this new category should end in "scripts" (e.g "Coffee making scripts") and be a subcategory of Category:Scripts. Multiple categories for one script can be specified.
  3. If the script you intend to upload wasn't written by yourself make sure that you have permission to redistribute it. This is usually the case if it has been licensed under some sort of Open Source/Free Software License.

Thank you for uploading your script! Why don't you advertise it at the mailing list.

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