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Synopsis Edit

Track uptimes of your Sawfish sessions.

Description Edit

This script allows you to track the uptimes of your Sawfish sessions. This is essentially a port of the emacs uptimes.el script to Sawfish.

Installation Edit

  1. Save uptimes.jl in your load-path.
  2. Add the following line to your ~/.sawfishrc:
    (require 'uptimes)

    You might want to place it as close to the top of the file as possible because the "boottime" of your sawfish session is in reality measured from the moment that uptimes.jl is loaded and evaluated.

Configuration Edit

There are a number of commands that you might want to bind to keys. Two are uptimes-display-uptime and uptimes-display-uptimes. The first will display the uptime of your current sawfish session, the second will display the last "n" and top "n" uptimes (where "n" is defined by the value of uptimes-count). Both of these displays clear after uptimes-display-timeout seconds.

Two others are uptimes-toggle-uptime and uptimes-toggle-uptimes. These commands display the same as the last two but instead of the display clearing after a time they toggle the message on and off.

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