S/he seems to have lost interest in sawfish development, despite of his/her extensive commitment in the past. His/her last post at was in July 2007. Thus the 'project' listed below does not seem to be in progress. - Teika kazura 09:08, 22 June 2008 (UTC)

He is currently interested in documenting the librep module system and planning a number of rep modules. Also will document sawfish's X interaction and event loop.


  • Implment a number of Extensions to Librep
  • Modularize sawfish
  • Associated documentation
  • read up on continuations and barriers (a prerequisite of understanding the threading). A Lisper or Schemer can give help on how they are used.


  1. Pull out X stuff from sawfish into rep-x
    1. all libs should reside under rep's libexec directory, not sawfish
    2. Implement a listener and simple window
  2. Implement GLX on top of separated X stuff
    1. Implement simple GL program for demonstration.
  3. rebuild "Sawfish 3.0" by pulling lisp from main loop, initially as a proof of concept
  4. for 4.0 or higher, convert to XCB and/or a more powerful lisp implementation (say a threaded scheme or SBCL)

Skeleton module[]

To create more modules there should be a skeleton module to base and standardize on. Needs code and examples for compiling lisp and C code and installing them in the correct directories (with permissions). Also needs to have examples or comments on how to add in and use configure checking and information.