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Synopsis Edit

Changes window's opacity depending on focus and adds window's alpha property.

Description Edit

This script handles windows opacity changing it depending whether window has focus or not but unlike other available scripts it supports a window property so that one can set different opacity for different windows.

Installation Edit

Put attached (link above) file as window-alpha.jl in ~/.sawfish/lisp and add (require 'window-alpha) in your configuration file (ie. ~/.sawfishrc).

Of course, your X server have to be configured to support window translucancy. For more information see Enabling transparency.

Please note that the file may be out dated. So if it is 2009 when you're reading it you should check out my GIT repository for updates. :)

Usage Edit

As soon as you install the script your windows will start changing opacity when they gain/lose focus. To change default opacity issue a following command:

(setq default-window-alpha (cons focus blur))

Where focus and blur are values from 0.1 to 1.0 specifying how opaque window should be if it has or has not focus.

But as promised, you can also change alpha for each individual window but issuing

(window-put w 'alpha (cons focus blur))

where w is the window to change alpha of. For instance this is part of my configuration file:

(setq match-window-profile
      '((((WM_CLASS . "^Gimp/gimp$")) (alpha . 1))))

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