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How do you use Sawfish? Edit

Teika kazura has done two questionnaires in 2009. See [1] and [2] for the archived mailing list messages.

The third and fourth are done in 2010, and the fifth in 2011, but not summarized yet.

Viewport and Workspace Edit

Do you use Viewport and / or Workspace?

  • Viewport only: 6. From as few as 2x2 to 4x9 or 6x6.
  • Workspace only: 4. Some prepare a few + dynamically. Others have many from the beginning, and the number is fixed.
  • Both: 1
  • None: 3. Typically, they switch windows with jump-or-exec or popup-window-list.

How do you switch the viewport?

  • At least, all seem to use keys.
  • About a half don't use mouse, the rest do.
  • Some use a pager.
  • Trackball! (one)

Focus Edit

Each focus mode has its fans, almost equal in number.

Pager Edit

  • Sawfish: 1
  • Gnome: 3
  • KDE: 1
  • Sawfish + rox: 1
  • None, but uses viewport / workspace: 1

Others Edit

  • Some people like autoraise.
  • Some don't like the middle click for the root menu.


Although most users here probably like and use sawfish very much, apparently it's one of the least popular window managers available... check the the's 2010's widow manager of the year poll (and vote if you're registered?)

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